Madison Avenue Baptist Church 2016

The Sixty-Third Year of the Church


 Beginning the New Year and the Future:  What better way to begin a new year in worship and to contemplate the future than to hear Pastor Bob’s sermon entitled “Facing the Future Faithfully.”  The scripture reference for the message was 2 Thessalonians 1:1-4.  Facing the future faithfully for all believers involves growing in faith, love and strength.

Dead of Winter Worship in the Fellowship Hall:  By action of the Church Council, morning worship was held in the fellowship hall on the Sundays from January 24 through March 20 for three significant reasons:

To eliminate the necessity of members having to move from one building to another between Sunday morning services during adverse weather conditions.
To avoid the high expense of attempting to heat the sanctuary for a one-hour service during extremely cold weather.

Interestingly, the worship-location change was extremely well received by the congregation with a new special “togetherness” having been experienced and expressed by those attending.

Baptist Men’s Day:  Approximately twelve men participated in the January 24 worship service by singing in the Men’s Chorus or by leading in scripture reading, prayer or receiving the offering.  

Sunday Morning Valentine Breakfast for Everyone:  Baptist Men and Women and the Sunday School sponsored a full-meal breakfast on Sunday morning, February 14, and 9:30 in the fellowship hall.  A large turnout of approximately one hundred individuals enjoyed a full breakfast prepared by the faithful “Men’s Cook Crew” of Mike Williford, Tim Lail, and Gary Gray, with a few other volunteers assisting with the highly successful and enjoyable event.

Scout Sunday:  Cub Pack 11, Madison Avenue as sponsor, with Andrew Williams, Cub Master, was recognized during morning worship on February 24.  Members of the Pack collected the monetary gifts during the morning offering.

Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, and Easter Sunday Services:  The sermon for the Palm Sunday worship service, March 24, was entitled “Everybody Loves a Party.” All worshipers were given palm branches upon entering the fellowship hall for worship and were asked to wave the branches at appropriate times during the service.  The Easter worship service on March 27 was preceded by a sunrise service hosted by Saint Luke United Methodist Church.

Communion Services:  Communion Services during the year were held during the Maundy Thursday service on March 24, during morning worship services on July 24 and October 30, and as part of the Christmas Eve Candlelight Communion service on December 24.

Baby Dedication:  The worship service on May 1 was made even more meaningful with the dedication of Charlie Grace and Abigail Wyatt Edwards, children of the Eric Edwards family.

Mother’s Day:  All mothers as well as women in general were recognized in a special way on Sunday, May 8, and were presented with a carnation either by their child or children (young or old) or by another child in the worship service.

Graduate Recognition Sunday:  Five high school graduates and two college graduates were recognized during worship on Sunday, June 5.  Those recognized were as follows:  Hannah Aldrin, Charles B. Aycock; Hannah Cain, Riverside Alabama; Rachel Edwards, Eastern Wayne; Auston Gray, valedictorian, Spring Creek; Katharine Rose Thompson, valedictorian, Wayne Country Day;  Brooke Mayo, Meredith College; John Wallace Compton IV, Master of Divinity Degree, Vanderbilt University Divinity School.  Each graduate was presented a certificate of recognition from the church.

“Disciple Ship” (Vacation Bible School):  Times and needs change within the lives of individuals and churches.  The need to adapt to changing needs at Madison prompted a revamping of the traditional VBS for the summer of 2016.  The new program, entitled Disciple Ship featured a summer day camp theme and included all children kindergarten through grade 5. A total of 77 individuals were enrolled.

Father’s Day:  All men, especially fathers, were recognized during worship on June 19, and the Men Chorus occupied the choir during worship, singing “My Anchor Holds.

Patriotic Theme for July 3 Worship:  A service of worship built around our nations Independence Day celebration included the Presentation of Colors, the pledge of allegiance to the American flag, the Christian flag and to the Bible. The anthem sung by the choir was “America, Our Home,” and Pastor Bob’s sermon was entitled “Proclaim Freedom” with scripture from Isaiah 61, verses 1-4.

Baptism:  Mike Bass was baptized during Sunday morning worship on July 24.

Hurricane Matthew’s Massive Flooding:  The widespread massive flooding caused by Hurricane Matthew caused the closing of most of the churches in the Goldsboro community on Sunday, October 16.  Law enforcement officials urged residents to stay in their homes and off the roads.

McIntires Visit during Worship:  Sarah and Tristan McIntire and their two precious sons paid a visit to Madison Avenue during worship on Sunday, November 27.  The talented couple blessed worshipers with Sarah’s piano prelude and with a piano and violin offertory by the couple.


Regular quarterly church conferences were held on January 27, April 27, July 27, and October 26 and were as follows:.

January 27:  Aaron Williford, recently elected Diaconate chair following Edward Williams’ resignation, presided over the conference.

Treasurer Dave Vucinich presented a detailed report stating that gifts totaling 28.6 percent of the budget had been given for the first four month of the church budget year.  He expressed grave concern that receipts in recent history had not been commensurate with expenses of the church and that dire measures would be required to address the current financial crisis.

The conference approved $2,000 from the Capital Improvement Fund to pay for heat pump repairs that serve the education building.

Sunday School enrollment of 153 that included 17 fire department members and average attendance of 92 was reported by Sunday School director Jeanie Sherman.  On a recommendation by the Nominating Committee, Jeanie was re-elected Sunday School director for the 2016-17 church year.

By action of the Church Council, Pastor Bob announced Sunday morning worship services from January 24 through March 20 would be held in the fellowship hall.

April 27:  Diaconate Chairman Aaron Williford presided over the April 27 quarterly conference.  Treasurer Dave Vucinich reported giving of $156,663.37 for October 1 through March, representing 48.2 percent of the annual budget.  Bible School Camp dates of June 27 – July1 were announced by Sunday School director, Jeanie Sherman. Chairman Williford informed the church that the church’s investment account had been reopened to permit the transfer of assets by any member to the church.

July 27:  Chairman Williford opening the July quarterly conference with prayer.  Treasurer Dave Vucinich reported that gifts through the month of June totaled $208,048.13, 73.4 percent of the annual budget.  The church approved the Nominating Committee report on church officers for the 2016-17 church year as follows:  Clerk, I.K. Williamson; Treasurer, Dave Vucinich; Assistant Treasurer, Earl Murphy; Historian, I. K. Williamson; Librarian, Melda Lamm; Assistant Librarian, Susan Edwards; Parliamentarian, Bobby Fuller; Baptist Men and Women’s Director, Tim Lail; Sunday School Director, Jeanie Sherman; Assistant Directors, Ronald Edwards and I. K. Williamson.  Deacons approved for the new church year were Jeanie Sherman, Sherwood Tyndall, and I. K. Williamson.  All Sunday School officers and teachers and all standing committees were approved as recommended by the Nominating Committee.

October 26:  Newly elected Diaconate Chairman I. K. Williamson presided over the quarterly conference.  Treasurer Dave Vucinich reported gifts of $280,784.99 or 86.4 percent of the budget through the month of September. Ronald Edwards, first deacon alternate, was approved to replace Sherwood Tyndall who resigned from the Diaconate, and Ingrid Quick was elected Church Clerk to replace I. K. Williamson whom the Diaconate elected as its chairman for 2016-2017.

Special or called conferences were held March 2, March 20, July 6, and August 24 and were as follows:.

Special Conference March 2:  A special conference was held on Wednesday evening, March 9 to hear a report from the Covered Walkway Committee. Chairman Aaron Williford opened the conference with prayer. The Committee presented detailed explanations and sketches of what the proposed project would resemble.  After the presentation by Mr. Williford and project chairman, Earl Murphy, the conference was opened for questions and answers. No action on the proposed plan was planned for or taken.  The chairman announced a special conference following morning worship on March 10 for the membership to vote a “yes” or “no” to or not to proceed with the project plans. Pastor Bob closed the conference with prayer.

Special Conference March 20:  Chairman Williford opened the conference with prayer.  He explained the purpose of the conference; namely, to vote “yes” or “no” for the continuation of efforts to build the covered walkway.  Ushers passed out ballots and collected them following the vote.  After a count was made by the Ballot Committee, the results were announced as “27 yes” and “38 No.”  The chairman confirmed that the project efforts would be discontinued and then dismissed the conference with prayer.

Special Conference July 6:  Chairman Williford called the special conference to order, stating the dual purpose of the conference; namely, to approve a painting contract and funds to satisfy the contract and to approve the transfer of funds from one major account to other accounts.  On a motion by Ronald Edwards and a second by Dave Vucinich, the church approved the awarding of the painting contract for the exterior sanctuary building, excluding the steeple, to Painting Unlimited at a cost of $16,850 with payment to be made from the Capital Improvement Account. Gary Gray, Finance Committee chairman made a motion to move the funds from the covered walkway Certificate of Deposit as follows: 70 percent going to the Capital Improvement Account and 30 percent going into the General Fund Account.  Ronald Edwards seconded the motion.  The amounts to be moved were as follows: $29,321.64 to Capital Improvement and $12,566.41 to the General Fund.  The motion was approved unanimously.

Special Budget Conference on August 24:  Chairman Williford presided over the special budget conference to consider and approve the budget for the church year, 2016-2017, recognizing Finance Committee Chairman Gary Gray.  Mr. Gray gave a complete analysis of the proposed budget.  After discussion and opportunity for questions and on the recommendation of the Finance Committee, the church approved unanimously a budget of $288,151.91.

Special Conference November 9:  Chairman Williamson explained that the purpose of the conference was to consider and take action on the Constitution and Bylaws Committee’s recommended changes in the document.  Mr. Williamson, chairman of the committee, called to the attention of the conference the proposed revisions document that had been placed in the hands of the membership weeks prior to the November 9 announced conference.  He then pointed out where major changes were proposed, where some committees had been combined with other committees, and where a few committees had been deleted. After giving the opportunity for questions and discussion, the proposed revision document was approved unanimously with one minor addition calling for the nomination of individual leaders for Missions Friends and for Children in Action.


Scout Explorer Post Recognizes Church:  Captain Trey Ball, leader of Explorer Post 209, and a member of the Goldsboro Police Department presented a plaque to the Madison thanking the church for providing a place for Explorer Post 209 scouts to hold their meetings. 

New Church Office Sign:  A long over-due church sign at the south entrance to the education building, directing visitors or new comers to the church office, was installed in April.

Flag Retirement Ceremony:  The Madison Avenue family hosted Boy Scout Troop 222 on Wednesday evening, May 25.  The scouts led the church and officials and members from the community in a flag retirement ceremony.  Title 36, Section 176 of the United States Code sets the protocol for the retirement of worn or unusable US flags.  After three representative flags were cut and burned by the Scout Color Guard, members of the Goldsboro Police, Fire and Sheriff departments, veterans and other in attendance participated in the ceremony.

Summer Respite:  Wednesday evening fellowship meals preceding prayer meeting time culminated for the summer with a hamburger and home-made ice cream supper on May 27.  The volunteer kitchen staff that serves the church so faithfully for nine month by preparing the Wednesday evening meals took a rest during June, July and August.

Middle School Band Camp:  Madison Avenue hosted the second Middle School Band Camp on Tuesday through Thursday, June 14-16.  There were 27 students enrolled with 10 band directors and instrumental leaders participating as well as six other adult volunteers from the church.

Facelift for Exterior of Sanctuary:  The sanctuary exterior with the exception of the steeple underwent minor wood repairs and complete repainting of all the woodwork during parts of July and August. 

Ice Cream Fellowship:  A good time of ice cream fellowship was held in the fellowship hall on Sunday evening, August 21.  Eight or ten churns of home-made ice cream were more than enough to fill the stomachs and appetites of a good crowd of folks. A former military family, the Justin Steffens, were special guests at the social.

Homecoming, 2016:  The first homecoming held at the church since the 50th Anniversary Celebration in January, 2004, included a very-well-attended recital on Saturday evening, September 17, which featured a number of musicians both from within and outside the church. Former Minister of Music Clyde Patterson, a member of Wilson First Baptist and now retired, was one of the participants. The Sunday morning service attracted a good number of former members.  The service was followed by a luncheon in the fellowship hall that was catered by the church’s Kitchen Committee. 

Appreciation Meals for Goldsboro Police Department:  The luncheons for  the Goldsboro Police Department scheduled for October 11, 13, 25 and 27 had to be re-scheduled for October 25, 27 and November 8 and 10, caused by demands on the Department following Hurricane Matthews’ massive flooding. The luncheons held on the new dates were well attended and were enjoyed and much appreciated by all members of the Department.

Community Thanksgiving Service:  Saint Luke United Methodist Church hosted the Community Thanksgiving Service on Sunday evening on November 20.

Major Bylaws Revisions: The church approved major revisions in the Constitution and Bylaws at a special conference on Wednesday evening, November 9.  A few standing committees were eliminated that no longer met current needs, and the responsibilities of others were combined with other committees. Also, a number of minor clean-up changes were made.

Church Facilities Used by Red Cross Following Hurricane Matthew:  The church provided sleeping facilities for approximately 30 Red Cross workers for several days following the massive flooding caused by Hurricane Matthew.


First Baptist Church on John Street hosted the seven Lenten services, sponsored again by CLIFF (Clergy Living in Faith and Fellowship).  Services began on Wednesday, February 10, and continued through Wednesday, March 23.  Madison Avenue was in charge of the meal for the February 24 service, and Pastor Bob was the preacher for the service. Worship theme for the seven services was “Parables of Jesus’ Last Week.”


Mission Projects:  Some of the projects the church was involved in during the year were the “The Annual Roundup for Baptist Children’s Homes” with emphasis on non-perishable food items. Another significant project enthusiastically supported by the church was sending to deployed airmen from SJAFB copies of Home Life magazine along with individual serving packets of flavored drink mix such as Crystal Light.

Missions Programs:  Missions programs, recognizing the work of both International and North American Missionaries that promoted the Lottie Moon Christmas offering and the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering, were presented during the Wednesday evening prayer meeting time.  Mission offerings for the year were Lottie Moon, $3,101; Annie Armstrong, $2,480, and State Missions, $2,040.

Baptist Men and Women:  Monthly Sunday morning breakfast meetings were suspended for the Summer months.

Special Blessings Day Camp:  On Monday, July 25, members of the church’s Special Blessing Class celebrated the wonders of God’s love as they traveled aboard the Disciple-Ship.  Together they saw how Jonah ran away from God’s will for his life and how God calls everyone to come to Him through the gift of His “one and only Son, Jesus.”

Lincoln Homes Ministry to Children:  Disciple Ship Day Camp (VBS) for the third consecutive year was held at Lincoln Homes on June 20-23. Then on July 26 thirteen children who participated in the camp were rewarded with a day trip to the Crystal Coast.  The trip included Fort Macon, the North Carolina Aquarium, and last but not least, pizza. In late November the Madison family had the opportunity to fill a box with children’s socks that were presented to the children during a Christmas party given jointly by the Goldsboro Police Department and Madison Avenue. The party for the children was held on Tuesday afternoon, December 6 at four o’clock.

Warm the World:  Members of the church family gave gently used coats, hats, gloves, socks, blankets, bedspreads and sleeping bags as well as monetary donations to help warm our community neighbors.  Also contributed were blankets and pillows left by the Red Cross following the organization’s use of Madison’s building following Hurricane Matthew’s flooding. First Baptist Church was the drop off center for the project.


Diversity in Music Ministry:  In an effort to compensate for the smallness of the Sanctuary Choir coupled with the difficulty of trying to hold rehearsals at a time suitable to the most members, Music Minister Edwin Jewell used a variety of Sunday morning worship presentations to add to the meaningful experience of worship.  The variety included great music by the Sanctuary Choir, Men’s Chorus, soloists, and brass ensembles.

Piano Preludes for Worship: Several individuals, on a rotating basis, played the piano prelude each Sunday morning prior to the beginning of worship. Those participating included Dave Periconi, Elisabeth Jewell, Dawn Anderson, Susan Edwards and I. K. Williamson.

North Carolina Baptist Singers:  Madison Avenue was blessed to have five individuals who participated in the outstanding musical choir and orchestra.  Those individuals were Edwin and Elisabeth Jewell, Rick and Allison Pridgen, and Mike Saviak.  The Singers present approximately four concerts each year at various churches throughout the state.


“The War Room”:  Madison seniors joined with Adamsville seniors for a covered dish dinner in the fellowship hall at Adamsville Baptist Church.  The group watched the Christian movie, “The War Room” following the dinner.

Stone Soup:  A different experience for most of the VSP group was participating in the “Stone Soup” luncheon.  Jan Kroboth spearheaded the lunch by talking about the history of stone soup.  Individuals brought designated canned vegetables for the soup, and Jan provided the “stone” meat for the seasoning.  The food and the fellowship were both fantastic.


Easter Egg Hunt:  The Children and Youth Committee sponsored a special day for children in the middle of the day on Saturday, March 19.  Events began with a pizza lunch in the fellowship hall and continued with various fun games in the upstairs multipurpose room.  Because of the threat of rain, the Easter Egg Hunt was held inside the upstairs classrooms with one room designated for the very young children, two years of age and under.  Everyone participating had a great time.

Children’s Playground:  New and/or rebuilt playground equipment was installed during early fall in the children’s playground area, and appropriate ground surface was also put in place so that church and community children could enjoy the pleasures of the playground without fear of injury.  John Graybeal and other volunteers did all the work in transferring and installing equipment and ground surface.

Cookie Ministry:  Mission Friends, Preschoolers, Children in Action, and Youth challenged the church to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with individuals in our community by baking hundreds of homemade cookies, packaging them, and distributing them to volunteer members at prayer meeting in May. Those accepting the cookie packages were asked to take them to members both in and outside the MABC family.

“Mr. Mike” Honored:  The youth prepared a special package of cookies for Mike Conley. “Mr. Mike” works with High Standard Cleaning and keeps the church’s facilities clean.  Along with the cookies, the galvanized bucket contained a Bible, three Dr. Peppers, five packs of popcorn and a lovely note that said “Thanks for cleaning our building, Mr. Mike.”


SANCTUARY AND HOSPITALITY COMMITTEES AT WORK:  Both the Sanctuary and   Hospitality Committees did their usual great jobs in decorating both the sanctuary and the fellowship hall appropriately for the Advent Season.

Advent Wreath and Candles:  The advent candles were lit each Sunday morning during worship beginning on the first Sunday of Advent, November 27 and continuing through the Christmas Eve Candlelight Communion Service on December 24.  Various individuals, couples, and the Special Blessings Class participated in the reading of scripture and the lighting of the candles.

Neighborhood Caroling:  A number of brave souls, both adults and children, braved a steady drizzle on Sunday evening, December 4, to bring Christmas music cheer and a fruit basket to neighbors surrounding the Madison Avenue block.

Church wide Christmas Adult Fellowship Dinner:  Approximately 65 individuals enjoyed an evening of good food, fun, and fellowship on Thursday evening, December 8.  The dinner was a change from previous years with those attending bringing a non-meat covered dish.  The Hospitality Committee prepared two entrée meats.  The new arrangement was received enthusiastically by all those participating.  Carol singing, table games, and a reading of The Night Before Christmas followed the meal.

Old Timey Christmas:  The traditional Old Timey fun night was held on Wednesday evening, December 14.  As usual, hot dogs and all the trimmings was the food fare for the evening.  The singing of children’s Christmas favorites as well as Christmas carols, some children’s talent on display, the gathering of all the children for the Christmas story, and the recognition of the church staff and volunteer kitchen staff consumed the night’s activities.  The evening concluded with the traditional homemade cookies, hot chocolate and hot tea.

Open House at the Fulkerson’s: Pastor Bob and Karen graciously hosted the entire church family and neighbors at a Christmas reception in their beautiful home on Sunday afternoon, December 18.

Christmas Eve Candlelight Communion Service: A meaningful service of worship and celebration of the birth of our Lord and Savior was held in the Sanctuary at six o’clock on Christmas Eve.  Beautiful music, both congregational and choir, scriptural readings by members of the congregation, the sharing of the bread and wine, and the lighting of the candles, symbolizing the light of the world shown by our Savior, brought much meaning to the hearts of all believers.

Christmas Day in Worship:  With Christmas day this year falling on a Sunday, no Sunday School was held; however, morning worship was held at the regular eleven o’clock hour.


The church suffered the loss of the following members during the church year October 1, 2015 through September 30, 2016:  Leon Mitchell, November 1, 2015; June Tyndall, January 31, 2016; Ovelia Rockwell, February 10, 2016; William Humphrey, March 10, 2016; Ola Ricks, April 29, 2016;  Edwin Allen, June 9, 2016; Martha Wolfe, July 20, 2016; Elizabeth McCoy, August 9, 2016; Hilda Cope, August 22, 2016; Peggy Griffin, September 21, 2016; Claude Rouse, September 25, 2016.


Church membership reported to the Neuse Association in the Annual Report dated September 30, 2016, totaled 247.  There was one baptism during the year.  Sunday School enrollment totaled 90 and Vacation Bible School enrolment totaled 77. Tithes and offerings for the church year totaled $280,784.  Mission offerings were: State Missions, $2,040; Lottie Moon, $3,101; Annie Armstrong, $2,480.  Church staff included Dr. Robert (Bob) Fulkerson, pastor; Edwin Jewell, Minister of Music and Senior Adults, Dave Periconi, Organist, Peggy Bartlett, Church General and Financial Secretary.

Madison Avenue Baptist Church History 2016

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