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What is Hospice

· Hospice is an interdisciplinary program of palliative care and supportive services that addresses physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the dying patient.

· Hospice is for people with a terminal DX of six months or less to live.

· Hospice provides quality comfort and care to patients at the end of life.

The Hospice Team

· The Kitty Askins team is made up of a Medical Director, who is a physician, RNs, LPNs, CNAs, FNPs, a Social Worker and Chaplain

· We also have a director of clinical services, clinical secretaries, house keeping, cooks and many volunteers.

What is Kitty Askins

· Kitty Askins is a Not-For-Profit in patient hospice center that cares for patients in crisis.
Patients may come in with all types of physical needs such as pain, nausea, restlessness or actively dying.

· Patients receive the comfort and care they need to address the symptoms they are experiencing.

· We welcome families to come and tour our facilities so, should the need arise, they’ll have a better idea of the services we offer.

Do all people who come to Kitty Askins die at Kitty

· No! As a matter of fact, there are many discharges from Kitty.

· It’s true that there are deaths at Kitty as well.

· There are also times that people will choose to come to our facilities when they know their time is drawing near.

Where do patients go when discharged

· Some go back to their homes or to a skilled facility.

· This doesn’t mean hospice care doesn’t continue.

· 3HC offers home hospice which is staffed by quality staff members even as the Kitty Askins facilities are.

Visiting hours

· Family and friends are allowed to visit 24/7

· We have cots to accommodate family who wish to stay with patients.

· We also allow family pets to visit our patients.

Levels of care at Kitty Askins

· We provide an Acute Unit, which is normally a short term for most hospice patients.

· That unit provides help to patients who are in crisis and allows for symptom management.

· We also provide a Residential Hall.

· This hall is for long term residents whose doctors have designated them for hospice care.

· There are charges for both room and board.

· We also offer Respite Care for patients living at home, whose family members are the primary caregivers.


· We work to help patients and family members better understand the process of dying.

· We also seek to help them understand procedures related to patient care, medications,
funeral arrangements, and discharge plans.

· Our chaplain and caseworker are available to help meet the spiritual and emotional needs of our residents and their families.

· While Kitty Askins is non-denominational, we work to provide additional resources from throughout our community to help meet the spiritual and emotional needs of our patients and their families.

We honor Veterans

· Is a new program at Kitty.

· It’s purpose is to recognize our veterans for their service and sacrifice.

· Through the program, we work to help veterans and their families become aware of the resources and educational opportunities that are available to them.

3HC offers bereavement services to assist families in their grieving process.

· This service is provided for 13 months.

· We provide mailings, telephone calls and the opportunity for individuals to be a part of a bereavement group.

As a side note, I wish to thank the community for all the help, meals and snacks that they provide to all the patients, families and staff members at Kitty Askins. For this “We are truly blessed.” (Beth Brown MSW)

Ministering to those in Hospice Care

Beth Brown