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Ministering to Incarcerated Individuals

Cpl. Charles Faison

Wayne County Detention Center Religious Volunteers

Program rules and regulations
· The purpose of the Religious Volunteer Program is to help serve the spiritual and emotional needs of inmates in the Wayne County Detention Center (WCDC).
· To bridge the gap between persons confined and their spiritual needs.
· To provide religious counseling and assist in institution religious services as determined by the Detention Center Administrators.

Major responsibilities
· Conduct religious volunteer services as designated.
· Services consist of worship services, individual spiritual counseling, etc.


· Volunteers must be at least 18 years of age or older, must be of good character and mature to offer positive input and/or advice to inmates having adjustment difficulties during incarceration.
· Must be a licensed ordained Minister and be able to provide proof of licensing prior to being allowed to participate in the volunteer program.

· The policy of the Wayne County Detention Center is NO CONTACT VISITATION of all inmates.
· However, upon advanced request and approval by Sheriff Detention Center Administrators, or Lieutenants. Ministers or Religious Advisors may be granted a contact visit for the purpose of spiritual counseling.
· Approval will be on a case-by-case basis, and will depend upon the nature and circumstances of the request.
· Religious volunteer services will be conducted on Sundays between the hours of 1:00-4:00 pm and on Wednesday nights between the hours of 8:00-9:30 pm.
· Ministers wishing to provide Spiritual Counseling to groups and /or individuals of the Wayne County Detention Center must undergo the application and screening process and be approved as a member of the Wayne County Detention Center Ministry Volunteer Program.
· Each Volunteer will be presented with an ID card upon the successful completion of the application and screening process.
· Wayne County Detention Center Volunteer Program Identification Cards are valid for a period of ONE YEAR however; each volunteer is requested to make a commitment of at least SIX (6) MONTHS.
· Any volunteer wishing to withdraw from the program at the end of their minimum commitment may do so by submitting a written resignation and surrender their Identification Card.
· Only Volunteers who present the Volunteer Identification Card issued by the Wayne County Detention Center will be allowed access to the Detention Center.
· Volunteers will not be allowed to provide any items to any inmate. Any Religious materials will need to be mailed in to the Detention Center or brought in outside of the scheduled program time so that items may be checked by the Detention Center before being given to the inmates.
· Volunteers will not be allowed to accept any items from inmates. This includes money, literature, letters, etc.
· The responsibility of a Religious Volunteer is to minister to an Inmate’s spiritual needs. Volunteers are asked not to discuss an inmate’s charges with any Detention Officer nor are Volunteers to attempt to intervene with or solve any complaints an inmate may have with the operation of the Detention Center or any of its staff. Volunteers who are aware of problems are asked to bring it to the attention of the Detention Center Administrators.
· Volunteers will at no time be related to the inmate thus use this opportunity as a means to visit family, friends or relatives detained in the Wayne County Detention Center.
· All Volunteers are subject to search for weapons and/or contraband while at the Wayne County Detention Center.
· Volunteers must obey all instructions given to them by Detention Officers. If during the visit, inmates begin to become unruly, the volunteer(s) will immediately move to the exits.
· Wayne County Detention Center reserves the right to cancel and/or restrict the privileges of any member of the volunteer program who fails to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner or fails to obey any of the Detention Center Riles and Regulations.
· If a church member is detained in the Wayne County Detention Center, Ministers can set up a visit during the day if times are available. Tuesday and Saturday are unavailable due to
regular visitation being conducted. Thursday is also unavailable due to canteen.
· There will be no walk-up visits allowed. An approved appointment MUST be set before coming to minister at the Wayne County Detention Center.

If an inmate has requested that your name be added to their visitation list
· First, call the Wayne County Detention Center phone number: 919-731-1660
· Follow the prompts to “Inmate Visitation”.
· Visitation hours are on Tuesday and Saturday.
· The visitors name must be on the inmates list.
· Inmates may choose 4 people per quarter.
· Tuesday, visitation is from 1pm -4pm.
· Saturday, visitation is from 9am-11am, and then from 1pm-4pm.
· These visits are normally for family members and friends.

· In regards to mailing items, inmates are allowed to receive reading materials and books as long as they are soft back.
· They are also allowed to receive writing materials, paper, envelopes and stamps.
· But no pens or pencils.
· Money orders may be sent to add money for commissary, but no personal checks or cash are allowed.