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Baptist Men & Women's Breakfast

Sunday, October 21, 2018

8:00 a.m.

Ministering to Military Families

Major Tony King

How the Church can help minister to Air Force/military families

· This study will offer some insight on how churches can minister to Air Force and military families both home and abroad.

· Besides keeping them in your prayers, some tangible means of ministering to them will be offered for your consideration.

Military families are not all that different from yours – we are people too

· The military is simply a slice out of society – good, bad and ugly.

· If you are not military, don’t worry about their rank.

· Sometimes they appreciate just being called Tony.

Military families are often geographically separated from extended family

· They could often use a babysitter … or at least a reference to one.

· Holidays are sometimes just their immediate family, if you can, sincerely offer to be on emergency standby.

Military families often find it difficult to make friends

· Relocating every 2-5 years, some “why bother” with making friends.

· Neighbors often see military and say “why bother” won’t be staying.

Military members tend to be very focused, may seem almost “anti-social”

· Some jobs require a lot of focus, so they may not “shift gears” when you do.

· For security reasons, military members may not be able to share much of what they do.

· Let them guide the conversation when it comes to military and political matters.

If they are new to the area

· A plate of goodies is always appreciated on the first few days in the house.

· Recommendations of good restaurants in the area – or take them to one.

· Tell them about some of the hidden treasures of the area and state.

· Find out what interests them when they are not at work.

· Share what is age-appropriate in the area for their children (playgrounds, etc.).