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April 2018 Newsletter
Madison Avenue Baptist Church

April Birthdays:
3    Allie Melton
8    Betty Loving
8    Lewis Braswell
10 Della Frederick
15 Foy Warren
18 Lillie Parker
19 Jeanie Jordan
22 Gladys Edwards
24 Jerry Allsbrook
28 Steve Richardson
30 Mary Ellen Owensby

April Calendar of Events:
1 (Sun)          Sunrise Service, St. Luke United Methodist Church
1 (Sun)          11:00 a.m. Worship Service in Sanctuary
2 (Mon)         Easter Monday, Church Office Closed
4 (Wed)         Covered-Dish Supper at 6:00pm
8 (Sun)          Baptist Men/Women Breakfast, 8:00am
8 (Sun)          Church Council Meeting at 2:00pm.
17 (Tue)        Deacon’s Meeting at 7:00pm
23 (Mon)       Very Special People
25 (Wed)       Church Conference at 6:30

Experiencing God
Join us each Wednesday evening for this newly revised study based on Henry & Richard Blackaby’s book, Experiencing God. We meet in the Fellowship Hall following our Family Night Meal (6:00) and prayer time (6:30).

Dear Madison Avenue Baptist Church,
We thank you for the lovely retirement celebration you gave us on March 11. Once again, you have expressed your love and concern for us in a very meaningful way. We deeply appreciate all who had part in preparing the food and decorations. We are still enjoying the beautiful flowers. We were humbled by the words spoken and written in cards. We are deeply grateful for your generous monetary gift. We love you and are so thankful you are our church family. May God continue to bless you individually and as His church.
            With all our love, Edwin and Elisabeth Jewell

Seniors: Please check the VSP Bulletin Board for information and signup sheets for upcoming events. Events now include:
     VSP at K&W on April 23, Monday, at 11:30 am.
     VSP Trip to Wilson on May 14 to visit the Botanical Gardens and Whirligig Park with lunch at        Parker’s BBQ.

From Your Pastor
The Apostle Paul wrote, "For what I received I passed on to you as of first importance: That Christ died for our sins accord­ing to the Scriptures, that he was buried, that he was raised on the third day according to the Scriptures, and that he appeared to Peter, and then to the twelve."  (1 Cor 15:3-5)

            The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the very foundation of the Gospel.  If there was no resurrection Paul says we are still in our sins and have no hope.  BUT the resurrection is TRUE!

            Jesus died on the cross for our sin and was resurrected on the third day by the power of God.  His resurrection proved that his death on the cross satisfied the penalty for our sin.  Because of Jesus' death and resurrection, we can have our sin forgiven and have direct access to the Father.  Hallelujah!

            Easter is the High Holy Day for the Christian.  Without Easter we would not celebrate Christmas.  Without Easter there would be no Christian church, no Madison Avenue Baptist Church.  Without Easter we would be lost in our sin and without hope.  Without Easter we would not have a personal relationship with God.  Without Easter we would have nothing.  With Easter we have hope and grace from God. 

            Easter!  The heart of the Christian faith, from the heart of God.

                                                                                                                     Pastor Randy

The Deacon Corner
Odds And Ends

Much thanks to our Kitchen and Hospitality committees for the Super Class A Reception that they “put on” honoring Edwin and Elisabeth for their eighteen plus years of quality and faithful service to the Lord and to Madison Avenue Baptist Church.  These ladies and gentlemen know how to “do it up right,” and we all owe them a great big thank you for making the reception such a memorable occasion for the Jewells and for the Church.

The monthly newsletter “The Madison Messenger” will no longer follow the long-running format nor will it be mailed to all members.  It will now be emailed to all members with email service and will be placed on the church website  In addition copies of the newsletter will be available on Sunday mornings for pick-up by those entering the fellowship hall for worship or in the church office.  For those who do not have the internet or email and wish to have a copy mailed to them, please notify the church office with your request.  This change will be a real cost savings to the church and will require considerable less time by our church secretary who no longer has the daily assistance of Edwin Jewell.

As a matter of information for those who did not attend the special conference on February 28, the church approved the recommendation by the Diaconate to employ Edwin Jewell for one day a week, with flexibility to break the day into half days, etc.  His responsibilities will be to continue to train volunteer members in the development of electronic presentations, in the operation of church electronic equipment, to assist the church secretary with computer and other needs, and to give continued ministry to senior adults and direction to the VSP, Senior Adult Organization.

All church families who have email addresses that have not been given to the church office are strongly encouraged to do so without delay.

I. K. Williamson, Diaconate Chair

The University of Mount Olive will be giving a FREE concert on Thursday, April 26, beginning at 7:30 pm. This will be the final concert of the vocal group “Free Spirit” which was begun by Dr. Alan Armstrong several years ago. Dr. Armstrong, their director, developed this into an outstanding vocal ensemble. They presented a concert in our church several years ago. Dr. Armstrong will be retiring, so for right now the group will disband after this semester. If you are interested in attending, please sign up on the yellow bulletin board across the hall from the church office. We will be leaving from the church about 6:30.

Christian sympathy is extended to Keith Anderson and his family on the death of his father, Kenneth; and to the Gladys Thornton family on her death.

Randy & Karen Outland will tour the Holy Land, April 10 – April 19

The Madison Messenger