• with God thorough worship


  • with other believers


  • mature disciples of Christ


  • believers to Serve

Our Mission


Madison Ave Baptist Church exists to:Proclaimthe Gospel of Jesus Christ and to ProduceDisciples


What We Believe

Madison Avenue Baptist Church
  1. The Bible is God's Word. It is Inerrant, Infallible and Inspired

  2. God Created the Heavens and Earth out of Nothing

  3. Man is God's Special Creation, made in the Image of God.          Marriage is the Union between one man and one woman for life

  4. Because of man's sin in the Garden, we are eternally separated from God

  5. Jesus Christ, the Son of God came in Human Flesh, was born of a Virgin- Fully God and Fully man. He died on the Cross and paid for our Sins and was Resurrected 3 days later.
  6. Jesus returned to heaven- is at the Right hand of the Father and will return for His Church at the End of the Age

  7. The Church is the Body of Christ and has been given the task of proclaiming the Gospel and showing the love of Christ in our community, state, nation and world.